Monday, June 9, 2008

Swim With the Bears

I found an interesting place to visit in Cochrane, Ontario, Canada.

It is called the Polar Bear Habitat & Heritage Village.

Cochrane, Ontario is a Northern Ontario town situated on Highway 11 approximately 720 kilometers (445 miles) north of Toronto.
Incorporated in 1910, the Town was named after the Honourable Frank Cochrane, then Minister of Lands, Forests and Mines.

The Polar Bear Conservation and Education Habitat is the only polar bear rehabilitation facility in the world. There they rehabilitate non-releasable polar bears from sub-standard zoos, circuses, private ownership, and the wild.

One of the interesting things that you can do (in season) is swim with the polar bears.
The Habitat offers a wading pool for children and the young at heart where they can swim right next to a polar bear. But don’t be afraid, there is a huge, thick, very sturdy window between you and the polar bears!

Their web site even has a Bear Cam.

Doesn’t that sound like an interesting activity?
My grandsons are still a little too young to really benefit from this, but you can be sure in a few years, we will be making the trip up north so they can enjoy this with me.
You probably are correct in assuming that I will be the one who will get the most fun out of this trip.


Joy Des Jardins said...

A huge thick sturdy window you say.....okay, very cool, yep, that's very cool. Huge, thick, very sturdy.

Mental P Mama said...

Um, yea, what Joy said!

David said...

This would be amazing! I went to University in Thunder Bay Ontario, and met a few people from Cochrane. Good people

bobbie said...

Glad you explained about that window. When I first saw the picture I thought someone was crazy to let the children swim there. It must be a thrill for them.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...


Swimming with dolphins? Heard of it.

Swimming with sting rays? Seen it.

Swimming with polar bears? Can't even imagine it!!

When you go, let me know. I want to sign up for that adventure.

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