Saturday, July 5, 2008


by dlyn

I am supposed to post seven quirky things about myself.

Well it took a little bit of time but I have managed to whittle down the list to a manageable seven quirks.
Quirk--I like that word. (Hey maybe that could be my first thing? What do you think?---------- No?)
Okay, then here is the list.

1. I can not wear flip flops, aka thongs. Never. Ever. Ever. I can not stand having that y-shaped thin strap part of the shoe separating my toes. BLEGH!!

2. I have the world’s weakest fingernails. I have tried everything from calcium supplements to drinking gelatin –gag—nothing works. I admit to nail envy to anyone I see who has beautiful nails. Sob!!

3. I am geographically challenged. I get lost ALL the time. You should see me in a shopping mall. I’m really pathetic. It’s a miracle that I found my way out of the birth canal on my birthday without stopping and asking for directions.

4. Hello my name is Bear and I am a shopaholic.
I truly think they invented the Dollar store just for me.
Thank You to the gods of Dollarama.

5. My hair texture has changed many times in my life.
Hormones are the devil’s playground!
I was born with naturally curly hair.
Then came puberty (ROTFL) where I had wavy hair.
Then came marriage with a baby carriage and my hair went almost straight except for that one patch of sheep’s wool at the back of my head. And then came MENOPAUSE——(ROTFLMAO)
and now I have—-drum roll please------
Fuzzy Wuzzy Chia Pet hair!

And that’s on a good day.

6. This January, 2008; I ate guacamole for the first time in my life.
Why didn’t anyone tell me that this was so tasty?
I am ready to give up my Canadian citizenship and move to Mexico right now.

7. Duh------------I collect Teddy Bears. ***

I am not going to tag anyone specifically, but if you want to leave your quirks (gosh, I really like that word) in the comments section, I promise I won’t laugh (much.)

Bear ((( )))

***Visit my blog on Monday to read about how my addiction got started.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I can't believe you went so long without the glories of guacamole. That stuff is heavenly.

I have so many quirks they can't be listed here. A few off the top of my head would include an absolute inability to multi-task; an unnatural fear of dentists (haven't been in 7 years and have a tooth about to fall out); and an insatiable appetite for salsa. In fact all this guacamole and salsa talk has me hungry.....

photowannabe said... that word too. I would say it fits your writing to a tee.
Believe it or not This year is the first I have worn flip flops. I hate that feeling between my toes but it gets so hot here in the summer. I tried them and they're not too bad for short lengths of time.
Guacamole...yum. Glad you have joined the ranks of the heavenly green stuff.
I'll have to give the quirky thing some thought and maybe I'll do it.

feistysideoffifty said...

Thanks for sharing your quirks--many of which I can relate to. I'm not a fan of thongs (either type), nor do I easily find my way when I'm out of my geographical comfort zone. But, as far as the guacamole goes, I'm a California girl and have been enjoying that tasty treat for years. Glad you found out about it... the bad news is that it and chips can round out the figure in no time!

Daryl said...

I need to think about this .. only 7 .. hummmm

I think I'll do it tomorrow .. no procrastinating is not a quirk of mine .. someone I am married to however ...

I didnt try calamari til I was 49 ..


Janie said...

Quirks? I have no quirks because I live the the state of denial. :) But truthfully, listing 7 wouldn't even be a good start. Thanks for sharing your quirks with us.

dlyn said...

Awesomw post BN! I love flip flops and guacamole. My nails are what is changing texture these days - post meno, they are getting weaker and weaker. I just lop them off anyway - long nails get too dirty in the garden. Thanks for playing - it was so fun!

Joy Des Jardins said...

OMG...are you sure we aren't TWINS? I could have written these answers sweetie. With the exception of hair has been pretty much the same most of my life....straight with a slight wave...and thick.

1) I don't like flip flops for the very same reason...can't stand anything between my toes.

2) I've never had strong fingernails. I keep clear 'hard as nails' polish on them all the time to make them stronger...and I think it's helped, but they break all the time. I've always envied women with those gorgeous long sculptures nails that never break.

3) Don't ask me North, South, East or West...I can barely tell you left or right. Not good with directions....never have been.

4)Shopoholic....GUILTY! But I've gotten better. it's for my grandkids.

6) acquired me sure. It hit me later in life too. One day in a Mexican restaurant...BOOM! Hooked ever since. Love that stuff.

7) I can't say that I officially 'collect' Teddy Bears, but I have a LOT of them hanging around my house somehow. People keep giving them to me....and I've bought a lot of them too. Does that count as collecting Bear Naked? Hmmmm??

Geesh... I can't believe how many little quirks we have in common....oh, I'm sure there's more....

bobbie said...

I share #1 and #2 with you. Can't stand flip flops! My fingernails used to be strong, but now keep breaking and splitting. I'm told that's because of my diabetes, but I know others with it who do not have the problem.
Quirks are fun.

Betty said...

I thought I was the only person in the world who couldn't wear flip-flops, etc., for the same reason you don't. I, too have "soft" fingernails and am geographically challenged.

David said...

The flip flop things seem pretty common, I too share a not too happy quirk about wearing them. But it only came recently for some silly reason. I enjoyed your 7,it was fun!

Mental P Mama said...

Quirks are what make life interesting. Yours are good--yay for guac! Just sayin'...