Monday, July 28, 2008

Twins-Double Delight

Yesterday, bobbie from Almost There
gave me an award.
This is a twin award: one called "You Make Me Smile" and the other "Super Commenter."
bobbie's insightful and artistic blog is a * must read * that I highly recommend visiting. Her commitment to making this world better "one t-shirt at a time" is inspiring.
I thank you, bobbie and I humbly accept this award.
It is a twin double delight and I proudly display this award on my left sidebar.
Now I would like to pass this twin award on to five people whom I feel deserve it.
Chesapeake Bay Woman from Life in Mathews is a delight to read.
If you haven't visited her blog yet, you really are missing out on a great deal of fun.
Mental P Mama from The Mental Pause Chronicles always has interesting and fun quizzes for us. Her comments section is fun to read also.
Daryl from out & about in new york city is a very creative photographer with a marvelous sense of humour. Her photos take us on tours around the city, across the country and into her home.
Wendy from COPD - Caregiving is NOT for Wimps!
Her blog tells us of the challenges she is facing with her spouse's COPD. I think her latest challenge, to have me contribute poetry on her blog comments, is possibly her largest though.
And last but not least is JeanMac from Welcome to our World.
This is one very special lady who is caring for her husband at home with compassion and bravery. Her tenderness shines through in her blogs and in her comments.
Please take the time to visit the blogs of these five beautiful women.
Ladies, you can pick up your twin award by scrolling down on my left sidebar.
Bear((( )))


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Oh, bear, you are so very kind and I am honored and humbled. Thank you so much. I have to work the paying job today, plus I have no idea how to import (? is that the word?) pictures other than from my camera, but I will try at some point this week.

Thank you again so very much. Have a great Monday. - cbw

bobbie said...

You made some wonderful choices. I know some, but not all. I will check out every one because you have good taste, and I know I will enjoy them all.

i beati said...

These are excellent blogs thanks for highlightiong them deserving yayayayaya

Mental P Mama said...

Why thank you! And it is even more meaningful because my own twins had a birthday this weekend! I love my twins award! Hope you are still on the mend...

Dianne said...

I've visited before but I don't think I've ever stopped to comment, life is so daily and I get side tracked.

bobbie has wonderful taste!

congratulations on your award

daryl is wonderful - her photos are always amazing

I'll be sure to check out the others

Happy Monday :)

Daryl said...

Oh bear, this is so sweet and I am in such amazing company - your's and bobbie's included - I am grabbing this and posting it ASAP!

thank you ...


TSannie said...

Three of the five you chose are among my favorites! Must check out the others.

Wendy said...

Yippee! And thank you. I've never had an award, so this is really special. I was taking some time off - no email, no blogging - just enjoying the summer weather outdoors. But today I checked my email and found...... this! Thank you bear naked - lots and lots and lots of hugs!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Bear - I can't thank you enough (again) for your wonderful words. I have had many new visitors today, and it is all because of you.

One of these days I will get my act together and properly thank you and several others in our midst who have been so kind to me, but due to my *slight* challenges with technology that may take a while.

In the interim, please know that I am eternally grateful for your words and I think that you are a most special person.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Thank you for your kind comments the other day. I did go and read your post about Dust if you must and that is just SO VERY true!! I guess we never do stop learning things all our lives and finally a lot makes sense when we are older. LOL, so now I'm more than happy to let the dust pile up. (don't faint, Martha) In the meantime I'm going to be visiting some new blogs that you've recommended. Be well sweet-Bear.

JeanMac said...

Gosh, at the end of a log day, what nicer thing to see than an award -from super blogger. I appreciate your kind words. J