Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School

Here in Canada summer vacation for students ends the day after Labour day.
Today is the day that all the children are either going back to school or starting their first days of education in Kindergarten.
Please everyone be EXTRA cautious when driving today.
I am sure we can all remember the excitement we felt on that first day back to class and when children are excited and/or nervous, they might forget the safety rules.
So it is up to all of us to pay attention when driving, especially if you are near a school area.
Good luck to all the students and a special bear hug to my oldest grandson who will be starting Senior Kindergarten today.
Bear((( )))


JeanMac said...

I have such fond memories of the first day of school - I'd take our sons for a pizza lunch to celebrate.

bobbie said...

Good idea to give a safety warning the first day. Not only do children get too excited to remember, drivers aren't used to seeing them pop up in front of them.

I LOVE your school marm bear.

Mental P Mama said...

And be extra careful of the mothers dancing in the streets, too;) Good luck to grandbaby bear!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I hated that first week of school, it always coincided with the week of the Colorado State Fair, held in Pueblo,Colorad, the fair grounds being but a short bicycle ride from my house----school versus bumming around the fairgrounds----always a tough week.

Margaret Cloud said...

Yes my little neighbor kids headed to school and returned safe, I was thinking of them. That teddy is so cute.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Hope your grandson had a great first day. Ours is tomorrow, and while I am happy to have them back out of the house, I am not so happy to be dealing with the rigorous schedule between school and sports.

To this day I will never forget my first day of kindergarten. I nervously stepped on the bus and sat in the first available seat next to a girl who just started talking.

Almost 40 years later, she still can't stop talking and I still sit beside her when I can.

Midlife Slices said...

Are all the bears in your pictures yours? Do you have a huge walk-in closet for bear clothes? They are so cute and always the perfect picture to represent whatever you are talking about. :) Thanks for the smiles.

Wendy said...

Senior kindergaarten? We only have kindergaarten, as far as I know. But then - I certainly don't know everything about the school system anymore.

Happy first day to your grandson!
My grandkids are back too. 1 in highschool. 2 in grade school. The rest are still too young.

I remember kindergaarten as being such fun. It was a very rude awakening the next year when I got to grade 1. Not fun at all!!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I love this teacher bear. My oldest daughter just started her first day of teaching yesterday. Thanks for sharing your bears with us.

sablonneuse said...

It was the rentrée on 2nd September here in France, and for the first time in years, all French schools started on the same day. They are scrapping Saturday morning school after pressure from parents and Wednesday is still a day off for primary schools as well.