Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rest In Peace

Pte. Chad Horn-21, Cpl.Mike Seggie-21 and Cpl. Andrew Grenon-23
3 Canadians die in Taliban attack
5 soldiers wounded in ambush in Kandahar
Scott Deveau , Canwest News Service
Published: Wednesday, September 03, 2008
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -
" Three Canadian soldiers died Wednesday when their vehicle came under attack by insurgents in the volatile Zhari District of Kandahar province.
The deaths of corporals Andrew (Drew) Grenon, 23, and Mike Seggie, 21, and Pte. Chad Horn, 21, infantrymen with the 2 Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry from CFB Shilo, Man., brings the military toll in Afghanistan to 96 since 2002.
The Taliban have already taken responsibility for the attack. The ambush comes on the third day of Ramadan, which many had felt might cause a slowdown in the fighting here in Afghanistan.
But Brig.-Gen. Denis Thompson, Canada's top soldier in Kandahar, said he did not expect that the insurgency would let up in the coming weeks during the Muslim holy month.
"Many people have different opinions on what Ramadan means in term of the insurgents," he said. "I can tell you that the governor of this province, Gov. Raufi, told me just yesterday not to expect them to let up at all and that they were not going to respect Ramadan and that it would be business as usual as far as the insurgents were concerned."
Five other soldiers were injured in the attack Wednesday, which took place while during a security patrol in the Taliban stronghold of Zhari. All eight were taken by helicopter to Kandahar Air Field, where one was in critical condition and another in serious, but stable condition."
The rest of the news story can be read here.
The deaths bring the total number of Canadian soldiers who have died during the Afghan mission to 96.
Rest in Peace
Bear((( )))


Lynette said...

Oh, my. These glorious young men, gone. Their families' anguish has to be too large to imagine.

JeanMac said...

Dear God, why cannot man live in peace? 3 too many including the other 93.Sending prayers out for the families.

Baino said...

Yesterday I heard that Australian SAS teams in Afghanistan had held hostages (Taliban I might add) in unused dog kennels. Today, it's all over the news that they are mistreating prisoners because the association with dogs is not acceptible in muslim society. These are the same people who have no qualms about blowing up their own in public places. As the owner of a dog . .a kennel isn't such a bad place. Don't get me wrong, I'm a liberal and not a libertarian but if you've got to hole a prisoner somewher, a cyclone fenced dog enclosure is hardly discomfort. Oooh mad I am!

Mental P Mama said...

Dear God. When is this horror going to end? Ny prayers go out to the families of all the lost.

bobbie said...

So many, so young.

Daryl said...

We must make sure this insanity ends soon ...


Smart Mouth Broad said...

I thought I was having a bad day. Thanks for putting things into perspective for me. Yes, Rest in peace.

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

These victims of war, die honorably in service of their Country---this insidious enemy who has no respect for their own people, or their own religion,would bring their suicidal insanity to our very doors, if not stopped by the honorable men that sacrificed themselves in our defense---let us never forget their sacrifice as we sleep comfortably in our beds each night.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

So young. So young.

onangelwings said...

This is always horrible to hear.

The Urban Buddha said...

Let's hope this nightmare comes to an end very soon. So young. So sad!

photowannabe said...

Sorrow, what more can I say?
Too young to leave this earth.

Joy Des Jardins said...

How very sad Bear....but what a very nice tribute post from you....

i beati said...

so young sk

CrazyCath said...

This needs to end. Now. Prayers for those grieving.

TSannie said...

What a lovely thing you do here - and I'm so very sorry there's a need for you to do this. May it end SOON!