Friday, October 3, 2008

Will That Be For Here or To Go

A sandwich shop in Kitimat, B.C., had an unusual customer last week -- a black bear.

from the Canadian Press

"Last Thursday morning, Rebecca Branton had just opened up a Subway restaurant in the north coast town of Kitimat, when her first visitor began sniffing around the front door.
"I was just back there making soup … but I saw the door open and it was a bear."
The young bear's every move was captured by nine video cameras in the shop, including how it managed to grab the handle of the front door and pull it open.

See the video here.
"I thought he'd used the handicap button, but instead he opened it just like a human," said Branton. As the bear sniffed around, checking out the menu choices, Branton fled for the safest room in the store. "I grabbed my cellphone and ran to the back and locked myself in the bathroom and called my parents," she said.
Meanwhile the furry visitor popped over the counter to have a closer look at the selection of cold cuts, coming within a few metres of the bathroom Branton had locked herself in.
"I could tell that the bear heard me in the bathroom and then jumped back," she said.
Since the staff seemed indisposed, and there was no service to be had, the bear eventually decide to leave, without having a bite to eat.
It let itself out, using the automatic door opener to swing open the front door.
Unfortunately for the bear, a short time later police tracked it down and decided it had to be shot, since it would likely return and could endanger human lives.
As for Branton, she finished her shift, but not without paying a lot more attention to what kind of customers were walking in the front door."
Bear((( )))


Ms. 50something said...

What a great video. Poor bear, though. Wish they could have sedated it and then placed it well into the forest.

Baino said...

I know they can be a problem and are becoming more urbane (I hear lots of stories about gregarious bears invading human enclaves) but why do they have to be shot? I thought they were given three chances and transported back into the woods? Maybe I'm confusing it with Alaska. Seems so sad to have to euthanase a hungry bear and so easy to just take him into a better habitat?

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic video.

Is that what you would call a Bear-faced cheek?

Helena said...

Waah! I was just about to call Bob over but then I read that the bear had been shot. Waaaahhh!!!!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Poor bear.

I've walked out of Subway before without eating anything too. I'm not a fan.

bobbie said...

I'm really sorry they shot the poor thing. Don't see why. If he had been taken far enough away it might have been alright.

Mental P Mama said...

I saw that on the news, but I didn't know he was eventually shot. Poor baby.

midlife slices said...

Maybe that will be the first leg of a new evolution theory and we'll figure out where all the grumpy hairy men came from. :)

Since there wasn't anyone there to fix it a sandwich and fetch a beer, I think it was probably most definitely male.

TSannie said...

I missed this on the news. Loved it all except the getting shot part. Wish they could have just relocated the bear.

Rambling Woods said...

Bear vrs human..the bear always loses...

Smart Mouth Broad said...

First of all...You have soup at Subway in Canada! Seriously that video was awesome. I can't believe the bear didn't really make a mess or help himself to a snack. So sad that they had to put him down. Seems they should have been able to relocate him to an area more remote with no Subways.

Tabor said...

Clearly the bear felt discriminated against the way he was ignored and I am sure that he would have contacted his Congressman or at the very list the head of Subway about this had he been given the chance!

Daryl said...

She called her PARENTS? Amazing.


sablonneuse said...

Like everyone else I'm really sorry for the bear.He didn't even have any food poor thing.

Blue said...

Would you believe, this story made the main news here in the UK!

Darlene said...

Poor bear; he didn't do any harm. They usually sedate bears who have become too used to humans and remove them to a different environment. I'm sorry they shot him.

On my recent trip to Colo. a black bear and her cub slowly ambled across the street in front of us in the foothills that had been developed. Humans encroach on the wildlife's habitat and then wonder why they are there.

Wendy said...

Ahhhh - poor bear. Why did they have to shoot it? It was young - and didn't harm anyone or even eat the food there. Just tranquilize him and send him deep into the forest.
Great video.

Bear Naked said...

Thanks eveyone for you comments.
I guess now we all to know how and why Jared lost all that weight.

Bear((( )))

photowannabe said...

Great video, quite an amazing bear, I'm surprised he didn't eat or get into anything. Getting in and out were quite ingenious. So sad to read of his final outcome.

Margaret Cloud said...

What a great story, thank you for sharing the videos. Why did they not trap it and release it some where else?