Thursday, December 11, 2008

Eco-baby toys

Gifts for the eco-baby

On a crusade against plastic toys?
Plan Toys produces simple, colourful toys in Thailand, made with materials such as replenishable rubber wood and water-based dyes.
But your baby doesn't care about all that.
He/she will dig the smooth surfaces and bright colours.
Oh, and the satisfying clunk these toys make when tossed on the floor.


bobbie said...

Very nice, Bear. Nice to know there are some safe toys around. Old fashioned wooden ones are so good in so many ways.

Tash said...

It is so adorable. Gotta get me one to give away.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I want one!

Mental P Mama said...

Amen. I just remember always trying to buy just the right developmental toys for my wee babes, and all they wanted was the Tupperware drawer or some wooden spoons and the pots!

JoAnn's-D-Eyes said...

Hi My dear Beary ,
Thanks for commenting on my blog, and I love yopur bears but for Canada to here makes it too expensive I guess,( and dirt because of plane fuells) I better look at your blog intead..

Question: where in Canada are you staying? (aswer on my blog please)

I love the ECO idea.:)


kenju said...

That's very sweet and I just hope they are safe. So many things aren't these days.

D Herrod said...

Cool idea

Suldog said...

Eco Baby? Is that when your kid drives you nuts by repeating everything you say?

Dianne said...

what a cool idea

that's an adorable toy

Daryl said...

Adorable .. most babies just want to put things in their mouths because they are teething so this is an excellent toy on many levels and cute as can be


Baino said...

Cute enough I guess but mine got just as much pleasure out of a collection of variably sized measuring spoons. Was I a mean mum?

magiceye said...

so adorable and friendly too! love the expression on the bear's face!

i beati said...

any improvement physically??

Anonymous said...

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