Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rest In Peace

From CBC News:
Three Canadian soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan Friday, raising the Canadian death toll there above the sombre milestone of 100.
All three — Cpl. Mark Robert McLaren, Pte. Demetrios Diplaros and Warrant Officer Robert Wilson — were based at CFB Petawawa in eastern Ontario.
As with many of the deaths, the latest casualties came from an improvised explosive device (IED) — one of the Taliban's weapons of choice.
The three were in an armoured vehicle when it struck the IED west of Kandahar city around 9 a.m. local time, Friday, December 5, 2008.
Soldiers at Petawawa were upset that the latest casualty came three weeks before Christmas, especially after a three-month lull in fatalities for the Canadian Forces.
Before Friday, the last Canadian death was on Sept. 7, when Sgt. Scott Shipway was killed under similar circumstances after his armoured vehicle struck an improvised explosive device during a security patrol.
"To have gone for three straight months gave soldiers here perhaps a little bit of cautious optimism," said CBC's David Common. "That optimism, of course, shattered … tonight, as there are many solemn faces."
"For some it could be a number, for some it could be a milestone," said one soldier, who didn't give his name. "We don't think about the numbers. We think about our fallen comrades, our brothers in arms."
Cpl. Mark Robert McLaren

Pte. Demetrios Diplaros

Warrant Officer Robert Wilson
Rest In Peace--Our Latest Canadian Heroes


JeanMac said...

Amen to that, Bear.

Kay Dennison said...

Prayers and condolences to their families and the people of Canada in their time of loss.

TSannie said...

My heart aches for these soldiers and their families.
Thank you for honoring them.

Anonymous said...

So young. So sad. Peace,please. Let us have peace!

i beati said...

I never forget this not even for a day- I saw this on tv last night - what an awful milestone-

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I think about the families, the spouses, the children, and to have it so close to Christmas....not that there is ever a good time to cope with a tragedy, but this will impact every single Christmas for the rest of their lives.

They say things happen for a reason and we are not to understand why they do. I will never understand situations like these.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I meant to say things happen for a reason and we don't always understand why. I have not had my coffee yet and violated my own rule of commenting before caffeine.

kenju said...

I am so sorry for their loss. It is senseless.

Smart Mouth Broad said...

I came over today to see your Saturday Funnies before rushing out to start my Christmas shopping. I hadn't heard this awful news. Thank you so much for sharing it. My heart breaks for the families of these courageous men. Thank you for this very real reminder to keep our troops in my prayers during this time.

Mental P Mama said...

Prayers, prayers and more prayers to their families.

kenju said...

You might like this link, Bear.

thistle said...

Nice post Bear...i think we need to feel this pain every time it happens so that we remember how wrong wars are. i wonder if the funerals and grieving were as public (instead of concealed) in the USA if they might be a little less inclined to engage in hostilities. Hard to know...

Thanks for posting this...

Wendy said...

So sad. When will this senseless killing end?

Daryl said...

May they rest in peace and may their families gain comfort from good memories


Helena said...

Plus another 4 British marines killed yesterday...