Friday, June 6, 2008

Heroine Bears her Head

from The Canadian Press

"OWEN SOUND, Ont. -- When she took part in a local fundraiser for cancer research, all Stacey Fearnall thought she had to lose was a full head of hair.

Instead, the 36-year-old waitress at Nathaniel's restaurant in Owen Sound, Ont., who raised more than $2,700 for the charity Cops for Cancer in exchange for her locks, was laid off when she showed up for work earlier this week with a shorn head."

The whole story and her picture can be found here.

After reading the story and seeing her picture, I can not understand why Staceys’ employer would not let her continue working.

What her picture and story say to me is that this is one super woman who looks fantastic.
Kudos to you Stacey and hopefully this news story will make her employer stop and think.

The best thing her employer could do would be to hire her back immediately PLUS make a generous donation to the Canadian Cancer Society.
Update--Many comments on CBC news website concerning this.
And Staceys' personal page with a picture of her before the haircut.


JeanMac said...

I, too, have been following the story. The employer will probably lose much more than a good employee.

Anonymous said...

I bet her ex-emplower is regretting his foolish reaction now. Hopefully someone with a heart will offer this plucky young woman a much better job.

David said...

I hope her employer has an empty house on this busy weekend for dinners in cottage country. She looks great. It will be egg all over their faces, this is getting national attention.

bobbie said...

I cannot imagine an employer stupid enough to make this an issue for firing the woman.

thank you for visiting my site. Yours looks very interesting. I do love teddy bears.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I wonder how many bald-headed male waiters are worried about their jobs. Oh, that's right, no need to wonder because the answer is ZERO.

Great coverage of a really sad statement about so-called "modern" times.

Way to go, bear naked!

Mental P Mama said...

When I read about this yesterday, my head almost shot off my body. Unbelievable.

Kay Dennison said...

What a sorry excuse for a humanoid her former boss is. I hope there's a special place in hell for him. I also hope someone offers Stacey new and better job. It would be poetic justice.

Anonymous said...

Yes I read the story about that lady,I agree the company have got thwmselves some BAD publicity there, they should make a sizeable donation and an APOLOGY about the same size.Will they employ people who are bald?

Anonymous said...

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