Friday, November 28, 2008

Pay It Forward

I played *Pay It Forward* a few weeks ago on Mental P Mama's blog a few weeks ago.

Mental P Mama sent me some wonderful things that unfortunately I was unable to photograph at the moment.

So I will just have to describe her gifts to me.

1. "Penzeys one" magazine filled with some great recipes and stories.

2. "Penzeys Spices" Thanksgiving catalogue.

3. "Penzeys Spices" jar of Mulling Spices

4. "Penzeys Spices" Grenada Whole Nutmeg

5. "Microplane" Nutmeg Grate-N-Shake

6. "One Bear Lost" a delightful book written by Karen Hayles and Jenny Jones

Thank you so much Mama, I love every single thing in my *Pay It Forward* parcel.

Now, I have to participate in the FORWARD part.

I will send the first three commenters on this post a special BearNaked gift.
Also I will post international, so don't be afraid to comment from wherever you live.

A little aside note on the Bear photo above--it was the closest thing that I could find to do with spices. Salt and pepper are seasonings and some seasonings are spices.
All of which shows you how my mind works sometimes.


Rinkly Rimes said...

I didn't know you'd had an accident. Blogging must be such good therapy.

Todays bears' motives are very transparent!

i beati said...

what a special gift that was??She is surely creative sandy

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Happy Friday, Bear!

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Darn, I missed the first three! LOL, it's probably a good thing, as I haven't finished making my last three yet. I'm working on my 3rd set of Pay It Forwards! I think it might be my new addiction!

What great things you got! Not much beats getting a great surprise in the mail!

Mental P Mama said...

yay! Too cute. Have fun;)

Daryl said...

Adorable .. that MPM is a terrific pay it forwarder, isnt she!


Tabor said...

Looks like your beariness is berry merry and as Daryl said, adorable.

Baino said...

what a great idea. Pity I didn't visit yesterday. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday!

abb said...

She is the BEST friend!

Anonymous said...

Go easy on the Penzey's spices. They are so fresh you can use about 1/2 to start. I buy them in bulk to refill my spices. I keep my spice bottles. I now only get ceartain spices from them. Glograbear