Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On ABC Wednesday---T

T --- Two Teddy Bears
Talking on Their Telephones

Today I visited The Mental Pause Chronicles where she has posted a link to Mrs. Nesbitt

Here is what Mrs. Nesbitt wants you do.

“How to participate in ABC Wednesday.
1. Post your T picture on your blog.
2. Come to my blog and sign in on Mr. Linky
3. Enjoy the beautiful T pictures of the other bloggers of the day.”
What a great idea. And of course with today being the letter T, just how could I not resist joining in the fun.


For The People said...

That is awesome. Good job. Made me smile,

Mental P Mama said...

Terrific to a T!

Petunia said...


Petunia's ABC

sablonneuse said...

Nice idea - but the remaining letters could make the next few weeks difficult.

imac said...

haha, great fun and it.

Come and visit my Tree House.

Texas Travelers said...

That's a lot of T's
Well done.

We Like your post

Come visit,
Troy and Martha

swile67 said...

hello fellow ontarioan!! great to have you stop by and i will be back to the teddy bears...very comforting!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

What a great idea. If someone asked me to do a T post, the chances of me thinking up Two Teddies on a Telephone Talking or whatever would be NIL.

Strangely, I did do something today to Thank someone, but I had no idea about the T assignment.

What will you do for U? X?

I'll be comin' back to find out.

nonizamboni said...

Adorable and tiny teddies! Great 't' shot and lovely blog.

Anonymous said...

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