Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If Teddy Bears Ruled the World

Oh my, what a wonderful place.
Everyone would be happy.
There would be a smile on every face.
We would picnic every Sunday
At our favorite old oak tree.
We would sing and dance and prance about,
Just playing joyfully.
We would all be nice to each other
And always lend a hand.
Ready with a bear hug,
We would always understand.
We would all be happy when something nice
Happened for one of our friends
And our friendships would last forever.
Nothing would cause them to end.
We would be kind to everyone,
Not just those in our own home,
But to everyone throughout our world,
Wherever we may roam.
Yes, if teddy bears ruled the world,
What a wonderful life this would be.
Our hearts would always be happy
As we danced by the old oak tree.
Janis Miner
Copyright 1997

Bear((( )))


Mental P Mama said...

*sigh. So true...I hope your day gets better...

photowannabe said...

Perhaps we need to adopt that philosophy ourselves and act like teddybears rule the world.
Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

A perfect world! Or should that be bear-fect!
I've not seen this poem before but I love it. I'm pleased I called by. :o)

JeanMac said...

If only -

Michelle said...

I haven't collected bears in a long time, but I really enjoy the hand-made bears that I have...