Thursday, August 7, 2008

Nothing to Wear

Yesterday, I was reading Sue’s Blog for Boomers, Men and Women over 50
where she posted that she was
“so frustrated. I've been surfing the web for an hour now. I can't believe the lack of clothing options for the over-50 lady.”

I commented about a web site and store here in Canada that I like.
And of course this got me thinking.

What if we all posted some of our favourite sites and/or stores that cater to the mature woman and her figure?
That way we could save everyone’s favourites on our computers, perhaps in a folder labeled *Shopping for Me.*

Then when we are in the mood for shopping for something new to add to our wardrobes or just want to see what is available at the moment we would have a *one stop shopping area* that would be easy to access either monthly, weekly or in my case, daily.

So ladies what do you think?

I'll start with mine.
The following are my personal favourites here in Canada.

On-line or in-store shopping. .

Northern Reflections Canada
On-line or in-store shopping.

On-line or in-store shopping

In store only

Post your favourites in the comments section or on your own personal blogs.

Bear((( )))


Daryl said...

Good idea ... here in NYC there's Lane Bryant I cant tell you much about them because I have never shopped there .. there's also Chico's which is a chain that is in many malls .. I have been in their shops and the clothes look very comfy and are mostly lightweight and loose.


The Urban Buddha said...

What a sweet bear blog. :) They are all so cute and fun. Thanks for stopping my mine. Have a great day!

bobbie said...

I never shop on line myself. Can't help you there.

I love coming to your blog to see what new bear you have to show us. They are so clever and cute.

Mental P Mama said...

What a great idea! I love

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

I hav the sayme trubbol tryin to find stuff for a 8 inch Bear!

sablonneuse said...

What a lovely idea. I'm afraid I rarely shop for clothes and when I do it's via catalogue so I can't be of much help though.

kenju said...

Coldwater Creek


I don't have time to link them, but you can go*gle them.

GJG said...

well you made it clear you don't want the male input----(hmmph)

Bear Naked said...

Sorry Gary
I SHOULD have said ladies and gentlemen.
My apologies.
Mea Culpa

Bear((( )))

Dianne said...

Lane Bryant stores are excellent - especially for larger sizes but can be a bit expensive BUT they have great end of season sales and once you shop there once you get coupons all the time. they're also on-line - less expensive and a huge array of sizes but the quality is not always great - not everything looks as good in person as it does on line - they rock!! amazing sales, their shirts are longer length and they are so true to size. by far my favorite

great idea Bear!

GJG said...

well I myself, am not a "Mall Crawler", could never really get into THAT SPORT. (lol) as such I am pretty much and Eddie Bauer Boy, and do my shopping On-Line. (My remark above was me being a "smart elic", and was meant to be humorous, no apologies needed.)

Rinkly Rimes said...

To be honest, I don't think I'm too cluey about this 'comment' business! I've just 'posted' you the recipe in response to your request (Chicken and Asparagus) but
it doesn't seem to have 'arrived' and it wouldn't have fitted-in to this topic anyway!

50something said...

Hey, ladies (and man),
I am getting less frustrated. Your suggestions give me hope that there really are places in cyberspace and the mall which can produce some cool clothes for us chicks (and dude). Keep the comments coming.
In the meantime, anyone with an entrepreneurial inclination, get on the ball and create a great line of clothes for the over-50 crowd. Let the Big Boys know that it's time they pay attention to our fashion needs!
Other considerations:
Thanks, Bear, for keeping this going.

i beati said...

I'm a thrift store heiress - like unusual duds.. occasionally I find things in outlets here. Been watching that show What Not to Wear and have decided to change my image ha ha

Kay Dennison said...

I shop on eBay a lot. Yeah, I love buying stuff cheap. I am an inveterate bargain hunter. It began out of necessity and now it's a sport.