Sunday, April 20, 2008

Need A Geek

Ted E Bear and I are not the most technical savvy boomers in the world and yesterday we found out that the younger generation really do not have a lot of patience with us.
Last September we purchased an LCD television on sale at our local Sony store and had problems with the remote control for it right from the beginning. A short time later, just before going away for our annual trip to Mexico, we went back to the same store to get some batteries for the digital camera that we had purchased at this same store. (One of MANY things we have bought there.)
Ted E mentioned at that time about our problems with the remote and the salesman suggested that we bring it back in to the store after coming back from Mexico.
Yesterday morning we finally got around to checking on the Sony store website and found out that the remote we were given was not the correct one for that TV. So we went to the store yesterday and the YOUNG salesman who had originally sold us the TV was disgusted that it took us so long to come back and want to get the CORRECT remote.
So we are feeling that maybe what we need is a technical Geek around here to help us out (and maybe teach us how to use the DVD properly.)

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Nancy Chisum said...

I think if I were you, I would have been equally disgusted with the young salesman for not exhibiting better customer service at the time of the sale and making sure you got home with the right remote! At least I am sure you know how to change the channel manually if you have to, which he probably does not! lol